"Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you
didn't do, than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away
from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails.

Explore. Dream. Discover."

-Mark Twain

Friday, October 2, 2009

Grafton & Alton, Illinois

                                                               Houses along the banks of the Mississippi, on stilts
Since leaving our upscale accommodations at Beardstown, we were looking forward to Grafton, which is a very nice marina.  However  on our trip to Grafton, the port side engine stopped working,  so we did not go all the way to Grafton, we stopped about 2o miles short, there was a restaurant along the river that had a dock, we were allowed to spend the night there. Operating on only one engine, it took us the better part of the day to go the 60 miles that we did.  This dock had no electricity, which is usually not a problem, we just use our generator. As luck would have it, the generator also decided not to work.  For all you non-boaters, no electricity/generator, means no shower. Yuk!!
Next morning, we notified the marina that we were limping in on one engine, so they were there to help us dock, since the wind was pushing us around like a kite. It was very comforting to be inside a secured marina and not just in the river tied off. We met quite a few fellow loopers which is always nice. The mechanic, Mark,  came out and he and Jim started trouble shooting both the engine and the generator.  They found a relay on the engine that was not making contact, and replaced that.  The impeller on the generator needed to be replaced as well. The relay had to be ordered so we stayed for a few days.  As of Thursday, all parts were put in and we left today which is Friday.

The next stop is a short 16 miles south at Alton Marina, a short run to test the engine. Not good, although the port engine never quit, it did want to stall, and the oil pressure fluctuated greatly, then the starboard side decided to act up as well.  We got into Alton and called Mark. As of this writing, they did a few other things to both engines,  and as before they run great at the dock.  We will see what tomorrow brings. The next marina is 44 miles south of here.  Last chance to get it right, because the one after that is over 200 miles. Yikes.....
House above the mississippi on a rock face


Anonymous said...

Hi Mary & Jim,

Just like at home--things go wrong as well. At least you are repaired and on your way. We have had a lot of rain, wind, and much cooler weather here. Trees are just starting to turn. Looking forward to hearing from you at your next port. Luv Ya, Sheron

Anonymous said...

Hi Jim and Mary. Well yuck to engine and generator problems. Makes you think cha ching$$$$$$!!!
Well the good news is no where to be and the only timetable is one you created, although I appreciate you want to be out of the snow zone before the snow flies! Here's to smooth sailing, I really mean cruising on both engines that is....smile!
The kids continue to hang in there with football and soccer. Nick's team is 6-0. He is so proud! Kristin's team too has an impressive win record with 7-1. Now Katie's team that is another story. I cannot even get out of the car as I have nothing nice to say...yikes! Goos news she is a bright spot amidst that mess.
Ed's mom got thru her 1st chemo treatment without event. Ed is now gamefully unemployed with a honey do list a mile long. He'll be chomping at the bit to get a job!
Aunt Tillie had knee surgery she is doing well too.
Take care! Good luck with the boat!
Happy Anniversary on the 15th in case I don't get back on before then!
Love, Ed, Sue, Nick, Katie and Kristin

Anonymous said...

Hello Jim and Mary! Junie does not think she has much to say, but we know better! She wanted you to know she was thinking of you and wishing you safe travels. She continues her daily novena for your safe return.
She also wanted to wish you a Happy Anniversary! The alcohol will keep you together another 20 years I am sure.
Love, Junie