"Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you
didn't do, than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away
from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails.

Explore. Dream. Discover."

-Mark Twain

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Leaving Solomon's en route to Cambridge

We spent 6 days in Solomon's at the McCarley's guest dock.
They showed us around town, took us to some great restaurants and made us feel at home during our stay.
We had breakfast with Ted & Nancy  before leaving their guest dock @ Solomon's Landing.   After reviewing the charts and receiving some good info from Ted we decided to make our next stop Cambridge, MD. 

It was a beautiful travel day, although a bit humid. The bay was almost like glass, and not much wind.

Over the last 2 weeks we have been having a bit of an issue with the starboard (right) engine.  It seems we have been running at "trawler" speed for so long that the starboard engine balks at running it's regular speed. That of course, is simplifying the issue.  After many diagnostics, and a million dollars later, we thought it was fixed.  Much to Jim's dismay, the alarm is still going off at high speeds. So we continue to travel at "trawler" speed, that is "slow trawler", it's great on the gas mileage though.  However we were passed by several "fast" trawlers today, when we start getting passed by sailboats, we definitely have a problem. 


It was a nice day on the water, and we arrived in Cambridge about 3:00, early enough to go into town.  The wind kicked up as we were coming into the marina and gave the captain a hard time.  As we were backing into the slip, we heard a loud crash, and we both realized that we left the awning style window open and it got crushed against the piling. So as I am sitting here updating this blog I have a cardboard view to my right.  Tomorrow we will walk into the town to get a piece of plexiglass until we can have a window ordered.  Oh the joys of boating!

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