"Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you
didn't do, than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away
from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails.

Explore. Dream. Discover."

-Mark Twain

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Amsterdam, Little Falls, Sylvan Beach & Brewerton NY (Erie Canal)

Our journey on the Erie Canal is almost over, we have visited a few towns along the way, it's impossible to see them all.  The canal is freshwater, no more salt, I think I can almost hear Sales & Nails cheering.  Along the way we have seen kayaks, row boats, john boats, canal boats, dinner cruise boats and the list goes on. There is a towpath that runs along side which is a great attraction for bicyclist, walkers and runners.  They enjoy watching the boats meander down the waterway an lock through.  For the most part it is quiet, very picturesque, and rural.

Amsterdam was a overnight stop, we pulled into the city docks to avoid the thunderstorm that was heading our way.  We secured the boat just as the first rain drops fell.  The docks were newer and surrounded by a park, all in all it was a good stop. BTW, actor Kirk Douglas was born and raised in Amsterdam, NY.

 Next on the list was Little Falls, very rich in history, as most of these towns are.  We went through Lock 17, the highest lift on the Erie Canal at 40 feet.  There are 35 locks on the Erie Canal, we will only go through 23 before we exit onto the Oswego.

Sylvan Beach is the last stop before crossing Oneida Lake.  An amusement park next to the water brings in tourist from all over.  We walked into town and went to the amusement park.  The rain moved in and we were stuck in a downpour.  There apparently are no taxis in Sylvan Beach, we ducked into one of those beach shops and bought umbrellas for the walk back to the marina.

We crossed Oneida Lake on Tuesday and stopped at Ess-Kay Yards Marina in Brewerton.  We knew it would be a 2 night stay,  Rich & Laura on "The Laura Lee" have an engine that is overheating, and we are reluctant to leave them without it being fixed.  Jim and Rich worked on it all day yesterday, while Laura and I went to get pedicures, haircuts and groceries.  Bobbie, my wonderful talented hairdresser at home, and Lesley my nail tech have been greatly missed.   I cannot believe how hard it has been to get good haircuts & manicures/pedicures on this trip.  I know... it's a tough life!!

It is Thursday afternoon, and we are back in Brewerton after leaving this morning. There was a 90% chance that the guys fixed the engine problem . After about an hour and going
thru Lock#23 on the Erie Canal, The Laura Lee overheated again.  There was allot of grass, and sea weed ( Jim calls it salad) on the other side of the lock, it may have clogged the sea strainer and burned up the impeller. So the repair continues, I'm thankful it is not our boat this time. The lock keeper had a garden along side the lock and invited us to tie up to the wall after locking thru and help ourselves to the fruits of his labor.  Some of the best cherry tomatoes I've had in a long time.  The bright side of coming back is getting more tomatoes when we lock thru again.

Here's hoping the Laura Lee's engine problem is solved soon and doesn't require a bank loan to do it. :)


Anonymous said...

Hi Mary,
Haircuts, manicures/pedicures always make things better. Still having fun, are you? Looking forward to seeing you. By the time you get back, I should be in surgery or rehab. 27 more days and counting to a working knee. Thinking of both of you.

Anonymous said...

Hello Jim and Mary!Hard to believe that it has been 12 months plus since the journey began. My how time flies. The pix show some pretty landscapes as they all have throughout your trip. Sorry about the engine issues on your pals boat but how nice you all look out for one another!
Nick has his first football scrimmage tomorrow in 90 degree heat. Keep your fingers crossed. He also found out today he needs glasses. Although he sees it as an accessory to his wardrobe. I reminded him they are not optional.
Haircuts tomorrow for the kids and school clothes shopping. Cha ching!!!
Max is now 100 lbs, cannot wait for you to meet my "pony".
Anyway, everyone is good, June too.
Hugs and kisses...
Take care and continue to enjoy the remainder of your adventure!
Love Sue and crew